Q. What is the best way to transition: the big chop or the grow/cut, grow/cut method? Ive heard reviews of both but dont want to damage my hair doing the wrong thing.

A. You have to determine what's best for you. Either way is fine. If
you choose to grow and gradually trim off the relaxed ends you really
have to focus on using products with enough moisture to keep the relaxed
hair from breaking off. You also have to be careful in the way you
manipulate and style the hair. Be careful when detangling. As you grow
more natural hair the relaxed hair becomes easily tangled so try not to
tousel the hair too much. Detangle with your fingers as much as
possible, then go in with a wide tooth comb.

I would suggest more natural styling such as rod sets or flat twist sets
with rods on the end to curl up the straight ends. Also get trims
regularly (every 4-6 weeks). Not only will this get rid of the relaxed
hair but it will also keep the hair manageable.

Q. what are the best methods for maintaining natural hair?
A. Once your hair is natural and even through the grow out process,
moisture is key! Natural hair or hair with more texture is more fragile
than other types. It dries out and breaks more easily. So use products
with enough moisture. Steam treatments are a must as well. You can do a
steam treatment when you shampoo. After you have applied your conditioner
thoroughly, sit under a hooded steamer for 15-20 mins. If you do not want
to invest in a steamer, you can use a wet hot towel. Warm a wet towel in
the microwave, then wrap around conditioned hair.

Also you should apply a moisturizer daily to natural styles.

Q. What are some of the best products for natural hair?
A. Products are tricky. What works for one may not work for someone
else. Some lines that I really like include: Jane Carter Solution,
Curls,Design Essentials, and Mixed Chicks to name a few.
If possible you should consult with a natural hair care specialist so that
they can touch and feel your hair to determine what products may work best
for you.