Today colouring hair has become a common fashion and is dominating the fashion world. Some choose hair color for adding more beauty to the hair and some others choose hair color for gray coverage. Hair colouring is one of the quickest and most dramatic way to change your look. Hair colour come in different shades, forms and qualities for different hair textures.

Types Of Hair Colours

Colours are available today in all forms. Liquid, powder, oil, cream and gel, etc. For permanent colours, gel and other forms are used and for temporary and semi-permanent colours, hair mascaras, crayons and colour hair-sprays are usually used.

Hair Length

Expense increases in proportion to the length of hair. Shorter haircuts or medium hair cuts, look more attractive with hair colours.

Techniques Of Hair Colour
Highlighting, streaking, frosting, finger-painting etc are different techniques of colouring but teens today prefer highlighting and streaking.

Trendy Shades

Red and brown are the common trendy shades. Experts suggest that brown and golden are best for wheatish skin tones whereas reddish or purple shades are most suited for fair skinned people.

Tips for the Coloured Hair

Avoid direct bright sunlight, but little amount of sunrays accentuates the red tones.
Shampoos must have the same low pH level. Preference to special colour shampoo
Use hair conditioner after swimming to avoid dryness of hair.